I Witness

Our 7-member events team begins its weekly staff meeting by telling stories. Not just any stories. 15 laminated cards, each with one word or phrase on it, are spread in the center of the table. Team members are invited to choose a card and share a brief story of a moment that week when he or she witnessed that “word”. For example, last meeting one staff member chose the card EMPATHY and told the story of how she had overheard a phone call taken by our sales manager regarding room availability for a memorial and she had been impressed by her teammates’ empathy and patience. Another team member chose two cards KINDNESS and ABOVE AND BEYOND then told the story of how she had witnessed a teammate assist a sight-impaired event guest whose walking stick had been run over by a biker outside. The last card chosen was FLEXIBILITY which prompted that staff member to thank everyone for staffing her events while she was on vacation. This simple, 5-minute exercise is a really fun way to start a staff meeting. It gets team members to stop and reflect on the week. It provides opportunities for giving compliments to or thanking team members. Most importantly it reminds us that at the core of great customer service is how we make people feel. How do your words or behavior affect how your clients and coworkers feel?