The Restroom Factor

Once in a while when giving a tour to an event planner we get asked to show the planner our public restrooms. At first we thought this was an odd request but when we thought about it, we realized there are certain amenities about a bathroom that could be a factor in choosing a venue for a conference, gala, wedding or other special event.

Here at the McNamara Alumni Center, our public restrooms are conveniently on the same floor as our 10 meeting rooms –first floor–and are located right next to the elevators. Both men’s and women’s restrooms offer 11 stalls, two of which are handicapped accessible. We made sure our recently remodeled women’s restrooms included shelving at the sinks for a phone, clutch purse or conference packet. A large, full-length mirror is located near the exit—an appreciated bonus for career fair attendees, keynote speakers and brides. An additional two single private restrooms are located towards the back of the conference center which is convenient for when we host multiple events. Nursing mothers are offered a private restroom with a chair, sink and electrical outlet.

McNamara’s newly remodeled restrooms have been designed to complement the venue’s unique architecture and color palette and offer many conveniences for conferences, galas, weddings and other special events.

NEW: Touch-less faucets and soap dispensers with sink-side shelving
NEW: 11 stalls designed to complement MAC’s modern color palette and architecture