Catering Options

University events held on the first floor of the McNamara Alumni Center have 1 catering provider: D’Amico Catering.

D'Amico & Sons Cafe is allowed to drop off orders per the hours noted below.


D’Amico Catering, the McNamara Alumni Center’s in-house caterer, has a full-service kitchen and an on-site office. They must provide food and beverage services under the following circumstances:

  • Weekday events in A. I. Johnson Great Room, Ski-U-Mah Room, Heritage Gallery, Minnesota Room, University Hall, Thomas H. Swain Room, The Commons, Gateway, and Big Ten Room taking place before 2:00pm.
  • Weekday events in Memorial Hall with guest count larger than 200 people unless approved by McNamara Sales Office in consultation with D’Amico Catering.
  • Events at which alcohol is being served
  • University events may incur food and beverage minimum requirements depending on the room, day of the week and month. See minimums.


D’Amico & Sons Cafe is located in the McNamara Alumni Center and is open Monday through Friday from 8 am to 2 pm. The café is available for drop-offs or deliveries to any of our meeting rooms during that timeframe.