Friday & Sunday Wedding Promotion

Looking to save some money on your wedding reception venue without compromising value? Set on a certain season but McNamara has no Saturday availability? Booking a Friday or Sunday wedding reception at McNamara saves you $500-$2000 compared to a Saturday.

Sign a 2021 contract for a Memorial Hall or University Hall package before March 1 for a Friday or Sunday wedding reception in 2021 and we’ll take off another $100!

Just think what that extra money can go toward—a honeymoon, ceiling draping, a champagne toast, etc.!

We have many Spring, Summer and Fall Fridays and Sundays in 2021 available. Grab one of these today:

  • June 6, 13, 25, 27
  • July 11, 16, 23
  • August 8, 20, 27
  • Sept. 3, 19
  • October 1, 15, 31
  • November 19

You CAN plan a wedding in a few months — let us help you! Schedule a virtual or in-person tour with our team today by emailing

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