McNamara Named Best High-Tech Venue

Named Best High-Tech Venue by Unique Venues 2015, McNamara Alumni Center is a superior Minneapolis conference center. Memorial Hall offers two 32,000 lumen laser projectors and two screens, superior to any in the Twin Cities. The Johnson Great Room is our largest private meeting room with built-in AV, satellite TV, and two-way audio and video conferencing. Both rooms also support add-on services such as webinars, teleconferencing, and audio/video recording. A podium with microphone, handheld wireless microphone, wireless lapel microphone, wireless Internet and built-in screen and projector are included in the room rental of most of our ten rooms.

Conference and Gala AV Packages

We know audio visual and technology components can be complex, especially for conferences and galas. In order to simplify your planning and create an impressive result for your guests, select one of our customized AV packages.

Onsite AV technicians

McNamara’s onsite AV technicians are experts in the field. Marty has been with us since the alumni center opened in 2000 and he helped design and install most of the custom AV within the conference center. Tony is a U of M alumnus who also does lighting, sound, and video work for several theaters and organizations in the Twin Cities.

Free wireless internet is provided throughout McNamara Alumni Center by the University of Minnesota Office of Information Technology. This service is available for casual guest use, such as checking e-mail, browsing the internet, or displaying websites.

Note: Uploading and/or downloading audio or video files is not considered casual use and may cause system issues for you or others in the facility. Personal (rogue) wireless or hotspot devices can also result in wireless service issues.

Event clients who need dedicated internet service should use wired internet service available in all of our rooms and should purchase unique wireless logins available through McNamara’s event office. Examples that might warrant this dedicated use include:

  • Financial transactions
  • Uploading or downloading videos, photos
  • Presenting to a group
Web Conferencing and Video Support

McNamara Alumni Center works with a variety of vendors and personnel to produce high-quality web conferencing and live video presentations for your event. Please inquire with a McNamara Event Coordinator about these options or reference the links below.

U of MN Video Event Onsite Support: Available to university and non-university clients. This department provides support and technical assistance to broadcast your event over the internet using a variety of web conferencing solutions. Contact the Video and Conferencing Services team.

University Video Production Services: Full service video production and videographer services including IMAG (Image Magnification) and multi-camera set-ups.

Building Overflow Feed

McNamara has the capability to feed any audio/video content originating from Memorial Hall or University Hall to other breakout spaces on the first floor. This method is helpful for looping sponsor logos, event-wide announcements, or feeding live video into an overflow room which allows you to increase the capacity of your event audience.