Superior Audio Visual & Technology

With its built-in custom AV, McNamara Alumni Center is an ideal Minneapolis conference and event venue.

Included in the room rental of most of our ten rooms:

  • Podium with microphone
  • Handheld wireless microphone
  • Wireless lapel microphone
  • Wireless internet
  • Built-in screen and projector

Superior AV

Memorial Hall offers two 32,000 lumen laser projectors and two built-in screens, superior to any in the Twin Cities. The main screen and one projector are included in room rental.

The Johnson Great Room is our largest private meeting room with built-in AV, satellite TV, and two-way audio and video conferencing capabilities.

Onsite AV Technicians

McNamara’s onsite AV technician can be hired for $80 per hour. When hired by you, our AV technician is dedicated to your event and is responsible for the overall facilitation of McNamara-owned AV equipment, including screen and projectors, podiums, microphones, and more. For larger productions, the technician’s primary responsibility is operating the sound board. If a technician is not hired, please be assured that all McNamara event staff have been trained in troubleshooting basic AV issues

AV Equipment We Rent

  • LCD Flat Screen (60”) with stand (laptop compatible)
  • Confidence monitor
  • PC or Apple laptop
  • Camera riser with skirting
  • 6’ x 8’ stage platform with skirting & step
  • Conference phone
  • Microphone — corded
  • Microphone — handheld wireless
  • Microphone — lapel wireless
  • Powerstrip & extension cord
    $5/each for guest; $15 for exhibitor

Complimentary Wireless Internet

Complimentary wireless internet is provided throughout McNamara Alumni Center by the University of Minnesota Office of Information Technology. You can access this by selecting the “UofM Guest Network” and approve the terms of service that appear in your internet browser. No password is required.

Virtual and Hybrid Meeting & Event Solutions

McNamara Alumni Center works with a variety of vendors and personnel to produce high-quality virtual conferencing and live video presentations for your event. Please inquire with a McNamara Event Coordinator about these options or reference the links below.

  • McNamara Virtual Streaming Services: McNamara’s Sony PTZ camera and streaming devices are available for rent to broadcast a meeting to a virtual audience. A McNamara AV technician will operate the equipment. Pricing for a McNamara streaming package begins at $1100. For more complex streaming needs, we’ll coordinate with our virtual streaming partners.
  • Streaming & Videography Partners: Full service streaming and/or video production and videographer services include IMAG (Image Magnification) and multi-camera set-ups. HD Camera Recording Packages start at $546; streaming packages start at $1300.
  • U of MN Video Event Onsite Support: Available to university clients only, this department provides support and technical assistance to broadcast your event over the internet using a variety of web conferencing solutions. Contact the Video and Conferencing Services team.

Building Overflow Feed—Great for Sponsorship Recognition

McNamara has the capability to feed any audio/video content originating from Memorial Hall or University Hall to other breakout spaces on the first floor. This method is helpful for looping sponsor logos, event-wide announcements, or feeding live video into an overflow room which allows you to increase the capacity of your event audience.

Applause From our Clients