Virtual Meeting and Event Solutions

Enlist the McNamara team to help you facilitate virtual event solutions to engage your constituents

As we navigate the Covid-19 pandemic along with the rest of the events industry, the McNamara Alumni Center is creating ways to continually serve our event clients and help reach your goals.

Scenarios to help us identify which solutions are best for you:

Scenario #1:

Clients who require an event space to pre-record and/or live stream speakers for a message delivered to virtual attendees. Clients who require an event space to create pre-recorded segments for a fundraiser, conference or advertisement.

Scenario #2:

Clients who require an event space to accommodate in-person attendees for an event made of additional virtual attendees and/or presenters who are offsite.

Scenario #3:

Clients who require an event space to record and live stream a group of individuals for an interactive meeting with participants who are offsite.

Inquiry Form

Please contact Event Manager Andrew Spear at or Sales Manager Sari Brouwer at to discuss your virtual meeting needs and goals.

Solutions Include Three Components:

1. Room Rental

  • If the use is for video recording only with no attendees in the event space, we recommend the Johnson Great Room or Ski-U-Mah
    • Half-off regular JGR and SUM room rates
    • Includes 4 hours of room rental (additional hours can be added)
  • If the use is for attendees to gather, regular event rates apply with considerations for reduced rental per social distancing capacities
    • Includes 6 hours of room rental
    • For each additional room needed for overflow seating by attendees, room rental is 50% off

2. An AV Operator(s):

  • Videographer
  • Live-Streaming Technician
  • AV Technician
  • AV Producer
  • Optional add ons: pre-event consultations, high-quality recording of your event, coordination of logistics such as graphics/slides, speaker transitions, live Q&A, lighting, post-production editing, etc.

3. Health & Hygiene Measures:

  • Dedicated staff member to perform or facilitate cleaning of surfaces and shared AV between users
  • See sidebar
Inquiry Form video streaming
McNamara’s Health and Hygiene Measures for Events
  • Hand sanitizer available at room entrances
  • Posted social distance expectations throughout building
  • Sanitize AV equipment between uses (microphones, laptops, podium, slide advancer, etc.)
  • Sanitize surfaces between uses (tables, carts, podium, etc.)
  • Floor markers to indicate 6-feet where lines form

*Some of these measures will evolve as we learn more about health guidelines and the procurement of cleaning supplies.

Amy Klobuchar