Virtual and Hybrid Meeting and Event Solutions

Enlist the McNamara team to help you facilitate in-person, virtual and hybrid meeting and event solutions to engage your constituents.

As we navigate the Covid-19 pandemic along with the rest of the events industry, the McNamara Alumni Center has developed a variety of offerings to help you attain your programming goals. McNamara provides a comfortable and safe setting for in-person, virtual and hybrid events. If you need assistance in virtual programming, our AV team can help!

AV and Streaming Options for Virtual and Hybrid Events and Meetings:

  • McNamara Videographer & Camera Equipment: hired to film event components such as speakers, panels, etc. Use of a professional HD camera and recording equipment.
  • McNamara Streaming Technician & Appliances: hired to set up, facilitate, and execute streaming in Zoom or Youtube for pre-recorded, live, or hybrid events. Use of professional streaming appliances.
  • McNamara AV Technician & Sound Board: hired to adjust and monitor audio quality.
  • External AV Production Company: hired to film and facilitate all components of the virtual event, with use of McNamara event space for filming.
  • University of Minnesota OIT (UMN groups only): hired to film and facilitate all components of the virtual event with use of McNamara event space for filming.

Not sure which virtual solution is best for you? Consider these scenarios:

Scenario 1: Recording Studio Space

For clients who need space prior to an event to record speakers and panelists. The content can be used at a later date to live stream to a virtual audience on your own or by partnering with the McNamara streaming team onsite.

Scenario 2: Live Stream Studio Space

For clients who need space to produce an event and live stream content to off-site participants. Events can include off-site (remote) and on-site speakers or panelists. Additionally, pre-recorded footage filmed at McNamara in advance (see scenario 1) or footage you provide can be integrated into the live stream.

Scenario 3: Hybrid Meeting or Event

For clients who need a space to safely bring guests together to produce a live, in person event with added virtual streaming components for off-site participants and/or presenters.

Scenario 4: Streaming Studio Space

For clients who have pre-recorded content or will be connecting solely with offsite presenters and need assistance running and operating a live stream to offsite attendees. The offsite feed needs to be looped into the live stream production.

Request a quote to receive custom pricing for your unique virtual or hybrid meeting or event needs.

Please contact Event Manager Andrew Spear at or Sales Manager Sari Brouwer at to discuss your virtual meeting needs and goals.

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Room Rental

When using a room for recording and/or streaming space or for in person or hybrid events with onsite attendees, regular event rates apply. Standard rental rates include 6 hours of use.